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Motion picture studios and producers rarely accept unsolicited novels or books unless they are bestsellers, are based on headline events, or are represented by literary agents. For a new writer to get an unpublished novel or story produced as a movie, it could be more productive to submit it as a screenplay. We adapt stories, novels, ideas and concepts into highly dramatic, visual screenplays. You can either market the screenplay yourself or we can market it to Hollywood producers and studios. Joan McCall and David Sheldon do all the writing.


screenplay rewrites or script doctoring


As the saying goes, “screenplays are never written, they are rewritten.” Your screenplay might need an extra dimension, a new life. If it needs more work, we can enhance it and turn it into an exciting, commercial manuscript ready for the marketplace. We will improve your story structure, premise, motivations, characterizations, pacing, subplots, dialogue, construction of scenes, conflict, suspense, humor, action, and more.


You CAN participate in the process


Prior to our writing the screenplay adaptation of your novel or story, or rewriting your screenplay, we prepare a detailed step outline/treatment for the new screenplay for your approval, suggestions or requests. This will take approximately eight weeks. We will welcome your suggestions or comments. After we complete the screenplay approximately eight weeks later, we will again ask you for your comments or suggestions. We will then prepare a final draft of the screenplay including your input, at no additional cost to you. We will then be able to take the screenplay into the marketplace and offer it to producers and studios. 




If we ghostwrite a script for you, you or your author can take credit as sole writer of the Screenplay. Such ghostwriting shall be held in strictest confidence by both parties.  Hollywood Writers Studio does not participate in the marketing of ghostwritten screenplays.


Our production company


Eight screenplays adapted or developed by us are currently planned for production. Our affiliated production company Hollywood West Entertainment will consider for production all screenplays adapted or developed at Hollywood Writers Studio. 





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