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“I just finished reading the screenplay. It is tight, exciting and fast paced. I take my hat off to both you and Joan for a job well done.

-– Roger Osborne


“The screenplay has touched my soul tremendously. I anticipate and hope it touches the souls of other people as well.

-– Leonard Dubinsky


“I just completed reading the final draft of War in the Heavens. It’s amazing! You have captured everything I imagined and added wonderful elements with great creativity that flow from a dramatic beginning through a dynamic universe to a very exciting and satisfying end. Oh I would love to see the faces of screeners at production companies when they read it. Audiences in theaters will be thrilled by it. War in the Heavens may be the finest work my life was involved in. Thank you so much!

-- Michael Glidden


“I must say that that I absolutely love it.  You did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t have asked for a better script. I had a hard time containing my emotions throughout reading it.”

-– Jamie Kunda


“CONGRATULATIONS.  You did a great job.  It flows nicely and is action packed.

-- Cordell Overgaard.


”The script is amazing, the amount of detail, the characters, the story, the history, everything. It’s a masterpiece. Bravo!”

-- Ian Craig


“I am delighted with the adaptation. You have done a magnificent job. The style and fast-paced action is great and was necessary. I have no additional suggestions. The script is so well done. Thank you.”

-- Frances Little


“I think we have an excellent structure, strong characters and a compelling screen story. I was completely taken with the outline and very pleased with the overall approach. I very much like the new scenes and the research which lies behind them.”

-- Al Logie


“The screenplay rewrite reads well and the scenes are well-constructed. I enjoyed all the characters. You and Joan deserve high praise. Let’s hope it reaches the screen. I believe it would make moviegoers laugh.”

-- John O’Flaherty, Ireland


”You understood the nature and underlying significance of the scenes and characters, as well as the story’s general philosophy. That professionals such as you, who work in the industry and who have your level of experience, believe that it can turn into an exciting script, is extremely satisfying.”

-- Eran Cohen-Zion & Gal Licht


”Fantastic, really fantastic!  I wouldn’t change anything. It draws you in and won’t let you put it down. To me, that makes for a great movie. The message I am trying to send to people, in between the lines, is so very pleasantly done. Thanks so very, very much.

-- Thomas Tilden


"You did a great job adapting the book into a screenplay. It's a masterpiece. I believe this motion picture could affect millions of people for the good!"

-- Jean Webster


“Thank you for the concise and invaluable comments on our script. By addressing the problems you raised, I’m sure we will greatly improve our craft and the script. Thanks again!

-- T.Fensury & G. Helrig


“I would like to thank you for the in-depth evaluation you returned with my script. I had a number of questions on how to improve the script and you answered pretty much all of them through your comments. It is nice to have someone with your experience look my writing over and give an honest evaluation back. I have begun my rewrite using your recommendations and feel much more confident about my storyline and character development. Your service is well worth the money.”

-- Amy Kolquist


“The screenplay is great!

-- Katherine Jones


“We received the screenplay. Mrs. Heller is pleased with the presentation of her story. You have handled some difficult matters very well. It is a credit to your writing that you are stimulating recovered memory in Mrs. Heller. As she reads, she remembers things that are not in her book, and that she has not mentioned until now.”

-- George Berman, Publicist


“Your assistance was very helpful. We have been able to get some larger production companies to take a serious look at our scripts.”

-- Brian Hill


“I would like to thank you very much for the excellent critique and analysis you gave of my screenplay. It was extremely thorough and was beyond my expectations. After I make all the necessary alterations, I will be submitting it back to you again for another try.”

-- Margaret Jones


“You did a solid job. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.”

-- Neil Mullin


"Thank you very much for your critique and analysis. I can truthfully say that I got my money's worth and I haven't been able to say that very often."

-- Charles Costigan


"I was so surprised when I received the adaptation today. I couldn't stop reading it. I thought it was so great, so moving. I, too, share your enthusiasm. It is every bit what I would want it to be. Thank you so much for putting it together."

-- Jane Doerr


"I was quite pleased with the finished rewrite. It is marvelous!  I was especially encouraged and joyful that much of my original dialogue was unaltered. Quite flattering, I must admit, being acceptable to professionals of your high caliber."

-- Ruth Staley


"Your critique was like a powerful searchlight, illuminating the far corners of my story and some not-so-far corners -- too close, too far, too obscure for me to see into. Thank you for an excellent job."

-- Richard Bailey


"Thank you for your thoughtful critique. It feels good for a writer out here in the provinces to learn she has talent... I will also use your suggestions to rewrite [my script. Once again, Mr. Sheldon, thank you for your honest critique that held the screenplay up to industry standards."

-- Elle Ungaro


"Your comments were extremely helpful. Not only was each and every note, large or small, helpful in its own right but they gave impetus to a page-one rewrite that obviously impacted substantially on every scene, character development -- even dialogue. I cannot thank you enough."

-- George Thomas.


"Thank you for the wonderful guidance. You are the soul of patience and helpfulness!  My script is a lot tighter now. The characters are stronger. I certainly learned a lot about this fascinating craft and can't wait to do the next one."

-- Helen Mason Shaw


"Your revision was excellent. It brings my original vision to life in a vibrant, exciting way. Thanks for all the work you've put into this. It's great."

-- Jim Petersen


"Thank you for your analysis which was both sobering and encouraging. Your comments were refreshing and ironically fortified several qualms I had."

-- Lance Newman


"There's so much to praise about the adaptation. Bubbles of tears, chuckles and wows throughout. You created the love scenes with such good taste that we worried needlessly. The school scenes are very authentic. We know that it will touch many hearts."

-- Janet Riesen


“I’ve learned a great deal from your critiques and I would like to thank you for putting so much time and effort into my work. I would especially like to thank you for the offer of an open-ended critique. It was very thoughtful and generous. Thank you again for your consideration in evaluating my screenplays. Your insightful critiques and analyses have dramatically improved the quality of my work. I will be in touch with future projects."

-- David Schuster


“Received your critique yesterday. Damn, I thought I had it this time, but grateful you spared the fluff and put me in a position to try it again. I’d really like to get good at this… Thanks for being so direct and polite. It can’t be easy – but it means everything to me. You’re terrific teachers.”

-- Linda Bode


“Thank you for your very candid critique of my novel. It must be difficult to be objective when you are dealing with a novice, and sometimes uneducated authors. Almost all of your suggestions were taken, and I again want to thank you for ‘kicking me in the teeth!’ (Only kidding.) That’s what I paid for.”

-- Dayle Foster


“I want to thank you for your encouragement and good counsel with regards to my “X-File” script. Your forthrightness is greatly appreciated. It means a lot that you took me on. You taught me so much.”

-- Paul Weiss


“I tried to use all the pointers you gave me about structure and confrontation. I think I got it, but I’m not sure. As always, I’ll be looking forward to getting your comments. I’d like to keep working on this until I get it right. If I haven’t said so before, I’m so glad you’re there. You’re more than professional readers and critics, you’re teachers. I hope you know how valuable your work is – how much I appreciate your direct approach and encouragement. What a gift.”

-- William Baker


“Thank you for explaining things to me. I’m working on another script. You’ll be seeing it when I’m done for a critique. You guys are the best. I’m telling everyone I know.”

-- Louise Benson


“Thank you so much for the critique. It was honest and thorough. You have opened my eyes to the possibilities that lie before me and I see script writing in a whole new light because of you. Hollywood Writers Studio is the best thing that has happened to me as a writer. I got more than my money’s worth and as I read the critique I couldn’t help but notice how truly involved you were. Everything was flushed out into the open with detail and analysis. If I am to be a screenwriter, I know in my heart that this critique will be the turning point for me.”

-- Matthew Engkraf


“We were overwhelmed by the depth and detail of the analysis you did on the script. Thank you so much.”

-- Brian Hill and Dee Power


 “I appreciate the final draft getting to me in a timely fashion. Thanks for the months spent on this project. I also appreciate the help in making more sense of the script and increasing its effectiveness. It really has made a beautiful turn and is ready to go out into the real world.”

-- Kendal Temple


“I do so envy you both for your obvious respect and deep love for good story-telling. You allowed Ella Mae to speak to you in that wonderful cadence of hers… You put into words what I did not consciously know. Thanks again for making me want to write more.” -- Christine Yule


“Don’t even think of making any other changes. It’s perfect as is, to me!  I am extremely satisfied with the work that has been done. It’s really good, really good!  Also, may I say, it shows greatness in creativity and style. I see an Academy Award for writing. I am very pleased!!”

-- Thomas Tilden




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